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Eye Exam Services

Our doctors practice high-level optometry by combining years of experience with the latest technology. We are committed to providing quality eyecare in a comfortable setting.

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Our services include the following:
Routine Eye Exam – Patients of all ages, including infants, are welcome at our office. We do much more than evaluate a person’s need for vision correction, we perform tests to rule out medical problems.

Glaucoma – Our doctors possess the highest level of licensure in Maine for optometry, therefore they can detect and treat glaucoma. Our office has high tech equipment that aids in the early detection of glaucoma.

Diabetes – We take retinal photos and perform dilated eye exams to detect diabetic retinopathy which is a complication of diabetes. Our doctors also communicate their findings to your regular physician to aid in the management of diabetes.

Cataracts – An eye exam can easily determine whether cataracts are present and inform patients as to when surgery would be necessary. We provide pre- and post- operative care to our patients and work closely with the eye surgeon to ensure quality eye care.

Dry Eye – The doctors treat dry eye problems using a multitude of methods that include Prescription Restasis eyedrops and insertion of punctal plugs. An individualized treatment plan is established by the doctor.

Eye Injuries or Infections – We can treat most eye injuries, such as removal of foreign bodies, right in our office. Our experienced doctors are capable of handling multiple ocular emergencies.

InfantSEE Program – This is a national volunteer program that our office participates in to provide eye exams to children between the ages of six months to twelve months. Early detection of eye problems can prevent lazy eye and serious eye diseases.

Contact Lens Fittings – The doctors specialize in fitting all types of contact lenses such as multifocal and toric. We stock several brands of contact lenses.

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